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I have a ritual. It involves watching Friends before going to bed. Usually around 11, I’ll turn on the television and flip over to Nick @ Nite. The fact that Friends is on Nick @ Nite is very concerning. Not only does it make me feel old, but this also symbolizes that Friends is on its way to only being found in a dusty media rack near you, only in the form of a DVD. Today, Nick @ Nite was not airing the show. Hopefully this doesn’t mean the end of Friends on television. Instead of watching it on television, I had to leave the comfort of my bed and trek into the living room to procure one of the 10 DVD season-sets that I have. On my journey back from this treacherous expedition, I started thinking about why this show has clicked so well with me. Maybe it’s because I highly value friendship, especially in the familial sense that is portrayed in this show? Or because Jennifer Aniston is gorgeous? Perhaps because it’s somewhat realistic, in a fantastic way? I never did really come to a conclusion as to why I like the show as much as I do – so much that I watch it every single night before going to sleep. But, for tonight, I am going to assume that the light-heartedness of the show is an ideal way to ease out of the real world and into a deep cloud of slumber. Joey also coincidentally happens to be the name of my grandparents’ parakeet. Coincidence? I think not. Goodnight.

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