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Hi, I am a hippie (Seth and Josh, don’t worry – I’m only occasionally a hippie).

Today’s blog post is certainly a result of the content I teach in the classroom; Earth & Environmental Science. Due to the topics I cover in class, I have become a lot more environmentally conscious in many aspects of my life. The image below is from one of my favorite websites, the GOOD website. In conjunction with a book that I have been reading by Thomas Friedman (Hot, Flat, and Crowded), the infographic below has sparked what may be the next project that my students work on in class.

Sure, a few Americans recycle. In the process, they do good for the environment. However, for various reasons (see infographic below – click image for original), a good number Americans do not recycle. A mini-project I am considering implementing after Spring Break in my classroom involves this nifty diagram. After printing several copies of this infographic and laminating them (so that the diagrams can be reused – practicing what I preach), I’m going to have my students try to describe simple ways in which they can use the information from this image to help foster a culture of recycling at our school. As an educator, I find that having students educate others is one of the best ways of learning and sparking passion. I’m hoping that a healthy discussion can also be had during class, centering around the issue of a lack of urgency towards recycling in general (and how to fix that). This project (too soon to call it a movement?) will hopefully help supplement the recent initiative to refurbish and maintain our own greenhouse on campus (started by one of Garinger’s finest, Ms. Hendee!). My school is truly beginning to answering Thomas Friedman’s call to create a greener America (‘Merica)


A GOOD.is Transparency

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