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Who am I?

March 20, 2010

Mary Pierce Brosmer visited our Professional Writing class the other day. Ms. Brosmer read a poem aloud (can’t find it online for some reason…) which inspired a very creative writing activity (one of Ms. Brosner’s specialties). That activity led me to write the following about my roots and how they have shaped me:

I am from a small town an hour and a half from the beach. I am from India. I am from England. I am from a family filled with culture and tradition. I am from a family rooted in hard-work and strong values. I am from crying; from spicy food and hilarious moments. I am from a silly little sister. I am from a place where everyone does stupid things every once in a while. I am from a place where skipping school to go sit in the sand is commonplace. Being near the ocean is important. I am from a tight-knit group of friends who do not know what it means to be separated, despite the hundreds of miles that have been placed between us. This is a place where taking a break to do things that mean nothing usually turns out to be a good decision. I am from the teammates who influenced me over the years. I am from a town filled with concrete and large patches of green.

Obviously since we were in class, we had time constraints. I might find a better conclusion later, or re-do it at some point.

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