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Running on a Frozen Track

February 15, 2010

Well, my running shoes got dusted off really quickly. I had a rough evening – a few uneventful occurrences – and was a little irritated. As a result I checked the weather, threw on some shorts and a sweatshirt, skull cap, gloves, etc… and headed off to the track. I noticed some ice on the sidewalks as I was walking back to Polo from Benson earlier and made note of it. I thought the track would be cleared up but boy was I wrong. Turns out there were patches of ice on the track, too. But since I was already there I didn’t let it stop me at that point. Completed a solid mile around the track before I decided that not being able to breathe properly as a result of the below freezing temperatures probably wasn’t a good sign. Regardless, my running shoes saw some action. Hopefully the trend will continue and the weather will get warm very quickly.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=jogging+ice&iid=4510111″ src=”c/4/4/f/Unusual_Arctic_Cold_9f97.jpg?adImageId=10350906&imageId=4510111″ width=”234″ height=”153″ /]

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