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February 14, 2010

Call me naive, but before today I had never heard of Spanx. I still don’t completely know what this apparel company strives for but my guess is that they’ve historically helped “fix” women’s figures through using compressive underclothing. Spanx now has a new line for men. I guess this isn’t really a bad idea, as the author of the AOL article states, for some men. Paying $60 for an undershirt which instantly flattens your tummy and gives you abs, after all, is a lot easier than spending a month and a half at the gym (also worth $60) working out to get true results. I wonder how it feels to take off the facade at the end of the day and know that you’ve deceived (the majority of) your colleagues and friends. One real solution here could be to (novel idea alert) get those dusty running shoes out from under the bed and go for a jog! And maybe trade in the 64 oz. sweet tea (aka 10 tablespoons of sugar) for a fruit smoothie? Just a thought…

Sidenote: I hope the weather starts getting better soon so that I can actually get my dusty running shoes out from under the bed and use them a bit. Hopefully we’ll see some decent weather later this week.

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