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Something Fishy

December 17, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. In fact, I looked back at the last post and sort of wondered what I was thinking/what odd stresses I must have been under when I wrote it.

Anyhoo, I just read Paul Greenberg’s article in the New York Times about fish oils. I found it interesting since I take Omega-3 supplements. The article talks about where Omega-3 fish oils come from. Surprisingly, only one fish – the menhaden – is the primary source of fish oils. This specific type of fish has been excessively pursued and slowly eliminated from the ocean’s ecosystem for years now, for numerous reasons – ranging from Omega-3 fish oil production to lipstick production. Why is this a problem? The menhaden does a phenomenal job at clearing up algae from the ocean, and any other body of water for that matter. Murky and seemingly dirty rivers and ponds are sometimes in fact just filled with algae. The elimination of the menhaden from the ocean’s ecosystem means that there could be severe long-term repercussions concerning the cleanliness of our natural bodies of water. Greenberg’s article certainly made me think twice about taking four 800mg pills of Omega-3’s each day. However, the fact remains that Omega-3’s are healthy for the human body, and regardless of the environmental repercussions, myself and many other individuals (many of whom are not at all aware of this issue) will continue to supplement their diets with Omega-3 fish oils. Greenberg mentions the possibility of using alternate sources of Omega-3s to produce fish oil pills and using other resources to create some of the products that are currently produced from menhaden. This seems to be something worth researching in order to conserve the status of the environment without detracting from the human lifestyle.

As an aside, today I went to the gym (third day in a row, doin’ well so far!). After I showered, I ate a banana and drank two glasses of milk. I felt extremely healthy until I made a huge, greasy, YUMMY plate of nachos about an hour and a half ago (bedtime is in about ten minutes). Guess I’ll have to run an extra mile tomorrow (although that will probably only put a dent in the amount of calories I just consumed).

Here’s to health.

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