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I think I need a personal assistant…

November 13, 2009

With the weekend only two classes away, the last thing I want to think about is how I’m going to manage to get anything productive done over the next two days. As a college student, I have a taste of what a busy lifestyle is like. I guess Charley Cooper at Georgetown University is much busier than I could ever imagine, though. According to the Washington Post, Charley has sent out a job posting for a personal assistant. He listed this job as a result of his busy class schedule, part-time job, and the demands of college life.

Regardless of how busy Charley may be, it seems absurd to have a personal assistant as an undergraduate. The things Charley lists wanting a personal assistant for seem to be minimal, and could certainly be kept in his schedule if he gives up 30-60 minutes of sleep each night (we all have to sacrifice a little shuteye to get things done). Simply put, good for him if he finds someone qualified to do the job – this just seems to be an unnecessary luxury that a naive college student is willing to fork out for.

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