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Balloon Boy’s Bubble Burst

October 21, 2009

Falcon Heene, more commonly known as “Balloon Boy,” has seen a lot of media attention lately. He’s six years old, and according to his father, almost took a ride in an oversize helium balloon. After hours of searching for the boy – hours during which Americans lost productivity by staring at the television and national resources were used in trying to locate the missing Falcon – he magically showed up in the Heene house, coming out of the attic. CNN wanted to interview him, along with the entire Heene family. During an interview with Wolf Blitzer, he basically told the world that he went through with the hoax “for a show.” At this point in the interview, his dad reacted by jibbering something to cover up what his son had said- but it was obvious from the dad’s facial expression that Falcon had said something he didn’t want revealed. The opening to that interview by the way was hilarious – the parents asked their three boys to say “hi” to Wolf. Two of the boys did, and Falcon replied, “Who the hell is Wolf?”

Personally, I feel sorry for the kid. He threw up on the ‘Today‘ show. That’s just an immediate sign of how he’s reacting. How is his life going to be twenty years from now? This isn’t the first time the family has appeared on television either. They were featured in a series called Wife Swap, which aired on ABC. Richard Heene, the father (who I want to call George Heene, so badly), recently pitched a reality show to TLC – about a wacky family. He was rejected at first, but there’s no telling what may happen after the family’s newfound fame. Hopefully the Heene family doesn’t get this gig – for the sake of the kids – who are clearly already stressed out by the whole “Balloon Boy” incident.

Kids don’t belong on television in “reality” situations like this (Think about how Jon and Kate Plus 8 turned out…). I won’t name names, but I bet you can think of a LOT of celebrities that had a young start that ended up in a bad way. On the other hand, how many celebrities can you think of that have been successful and genuinely happy? Not very many, I would bet. Just a little food for thought…

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